Thursday, May 26, 2011

Unwatched Phenomenon as Of May 26th, 2011

Unwatched Phenomenon – Not Ordered By Date
1) Mello Gets Pregnant
2) Over the river
3) Sarge in Charge
4) Ms. K wears 2 flannel shirts when it becomes cold.
5) Melo – Dimes Nickels Quarters Pennies
6) Sensei Kawano doesn’t collect your homework, he snatches it
7) J- 10/22/08 Ashby Sean
8) College Face – Payton
9) Pigs don’t really oink – Trevor Vaz 1/16/03
10) I had a dream the someone died and left me in their will ink cartridges for a uni-ball vision. Everyone was fighting over it. Andrew Hamilton 10/31/97 ??
11) Sulay Arranges the chairs
12) Black to purple to silver
13) Pink Rainforests
14) Why do girls need company to go to the bathroom? Payton
15) Max puts his face in front of the Camera!
16) 7th Grade does not know 3 stooges block.
17) Be young, be foolish, be alphabetical <3.
18) Mr. Kawano ruined how I draw squares.
19) Shinigami can’t keep a straight face. Sam F.
20) I can’t ever hold a five year old on my lap. Mello.
21) Fish cost 25 cents  but the food costs like $5. In conclusion, it is less expensive to buy a lot of fish, not feed them and just replace them when they die.
22) I do.
23) Subwhat, whatsub} Subtext 11/1/07
24) What’s done today is done tomorrow
25) The school bell rings 3 ¼ times.
26) For every action there is an equal and opposite.
27) The sound of molly.
28) Andrew and Daniel said thank you when I said bless you after they sneezed. 2/4/99 Cherisse Keller.
29) Yearn how to lawn.
30) Pyrame rocks my socks <3 Sam F. (P.S. Facebook lol.)
31) Why are people who are against nudism are people you would never want to see nakes anyway?
32) The CH ripping the flashcards packet apart.
33) Pilgrims M.S.
34) When Lucy says shut up she nods her head, the sensei yells at her. I then laugh and get thrown out of the room.
35) The green water froze. 1/15/04 8:22 AM. (Signed with a messy signature.)
36) Ghost of a smell -> Bakery becomes A Kinki’s copy shop.
37) God bows to math.
38) I annoy Sofiyah. A.H.
39) Jeny and Katrin – Secret and mysterious.
40) Holds hands behind her, moths, stops talking
41) Diarhea as a name.
42) Mindset of a baby –Aaron
43) New Game – The object is to make something up not obviously outrageously false but unbearable enough that the target feels he must say: “that’s not true.”
44) Terrorist w/out Terrorist 11/5/10 Austin
45) Roman 1/5/10
46) Nick Trokel: 2 finger eye poke defense.
47) Digressions 3/13
48) Burn on the stove! Alex
49) Curling *facepalm* Aaron Pieter
50) You C.A. mother’s hands
51) Andrew Hamilton always writes his name on this board.
52) Julien’s name is always on the board. ßHey, that’s mine!
53) You put your hand in the pink light; your shadow is green.
54) Race car
55) ? – Ali 11/21/08
56) Mr. Alexander’s class is loud. Kawano sensei’s class is loud.
58) “I am not a dog.” 12/1/08 Willie
59) Street lights illuminate corners. Corner is green.
60) Sean Sealed Goon N Plenty
61) My friend’s initional are L.A.W., mine are C.H. but I’m not a…(cannot make out)
62) Molly annoyed teacher Parsuna- Feinblatt
63) Refund on life. 10/17/05
64) Griffin Mollin’s Feathers 2/9/06
65) Eric to Sam: Let’s get married.
66) Race car is the same backward.
67) One light on the pachinko always stays on.
68) Zaida Weisman for 2/14/08
69) Hey, do you think Mr. Kawano does…” – Edward B. “YES.” Teny E. 4/21/06
70) Mirrors – When you look in a mirror, you’ll never see yourself off guard. Instead you always will pose for instance: my friend always sucked in her cheeks a bit when she looked at herself but that’s not what she really looked like. But when you turn around and randomly find a mirror it’s interesting to see for that split second what you really look like. (Wonder who did this one.)
71) I’ll always like the pain. Wylie.
72) J’adore <3 Nihon!
73) Liz Morino writing w/ ball point that lost its ball. 12/14/02
74) LIP
75) Fizgrapefruit recipe
76) Chalkboards- Ms Dejoung writes on the chalkboard with one hand behind her back.
77) Snowflakes- When looking out a window, normally just looks like a mass of snow. But if you move your eyes down at the same speed as its falling, you can individualize each flake. Trevor Grove 12/9/05
78) Ms. Berry’s computers little arrow always start at the apple menu.
79) Teachers never fully erase the chalkboard. Katie Howard.
80) Juju Daniel Guaba
81) 2 weeks sensei plays music
82) 11/19/08 “Airpork”
83) You’re never going to open that candy![Liquid candy in bottle.] There are little kids out there!! Alex
84) Tailor’s personal kanji 2/3/10
85) Ah,  A mayan on a Yamaha. Palindrome.
86) Sensei says no soap for you.
87) Blair’s knees shake, her back goes out, her feet burn, and her teacher puts a curse on her when she walks up the stairs. Blair Albom.
88) D-Clock paper. 4/9/07 9:24 PM
89) Melissa Cranston is nice to Nick Malina when his hair is down.
90) David “Meow” do you speak English? 10/20/07
91) Every week Kawano loses 500000 hairs. (Love this one.)
92) W.I.T.W.A.T. Test. Steven Palmer 4/24/09
93) Ben Franklin noted that the sun painted on the back of the chairman’s chair, could not be determined whether it was rising or setting. Brynn Sherman 10/21/07
94)Einstein’s dreams. Katherine Press.
95) Big head.
96) Yoda speaks in Japanese syntax. 2/21/07
97) AZ cuts hair for 20
98) When Kawano sensei loses his lighted point.
99) All the graffiti in the school/bathrooms is done by Japanese students.
100) Jesus Sighting in School
101) Milk does not taste good in champagne glasses. –Alex
102) SHH! Olga is slowly dyring. 10/5/07 Teny
103) When I wrote in purple ink on light orange sharon paper and mr. Kawano put freesia on it, the ink turned green.
104) True says Benna Goldtein 1/16/04
105) “Where’s my ally” Danielle Bauli 10/10/07
106) Sensei writes on the board scribble scribble
107) In the space between the 1st and 2nd nail (where the dirt dent ^ Eszoes?) there are Attenazes. Battery’s battery’s battery’s. They occur every station on every line. Weird…Slate 9:47 AM Monday
108) Jimmy is Brock from Pokemon.

Those are all the ones I could make out. Excuse me for any errors and pardon my semi-illiteracy. There are more on the list but those are the ones I could read and make some sense out of.

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